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Dr. Kraus
Studio dentistico

Cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry

icona odontoiatria estetica

The Dr Kraus Studio specialises in reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry treats, improves and reconstructs a patient’s smile. This includes anything from fitting minimally invasive veneers to tooth whitening (or bleaching), as well as more clinically complex solutions like combinations of crowns, partial crowns and bridges, fitted either on the patient’s natural teeth or on dental implants. There are many reasons why these procedures are needed; for example small defects like cavities and fractures may accumulate over the years and accidents and hereditary factors also play a part. In all these cases our specialists in reconstructive dentistry offer their knowledge and experience in managing and treating complex cases, with a special focus on the final aesthetic result of the patient’s smile.

The dentist carries out an initial assessment, followed by advice about the kind of work needed for each individual patient. The dentist then prepares a computer simulation of how the patient’s smile will look after fitting veneers or bleaching.  


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